World's Best All-In-One Destinations

No time or money to venture the world far and wide? Can't decide whether to go for a Caribbean-style beach vacation or explore the treasures of our globe's cultural heritage? Instead of sacrifying some of the options, you can go to only one country and have it all: exotic white sandy beaches, snow-capped mountains, bucolic landscapes and great cities filled with superb monuments, great cultural offer and bustling night life.
Check out our selection of world's best all-in-one destinations.


Côte d'Azur. By CHRIS23 Côte d'Azur. By CHRIS23
France is one of these particularly lucky beggars that can boast of everything the perfect travel destination is associated with. Let's start with Paris, which is, no matter if you love it or hate it, one of the most fascinating cities in the world. The number of cozy cafes, superb restaurants, world renowned clubs, museums, theaters and galleries and other tourist attractions is uncountable and there are little chances you will be leaving the city disappointed.
No matter if you go north or south, winter or summer, France is a land of a thousand opportunities. A balmy breeze of the Mediterranean Sea, white beaches, and chic resorts of Nice and St. Tropez are the option for sunbath lovers. The wild and beautiful Corsica adds some 1000 km of coastline to the summer package and the western beaches of the Atlantic Ocean are home to some of the world's best surfing spots.

The Louvre Museum in Paris. By Christopher Chan The Louvre Museum in Paris. By Christopher Chan
The picture of an ideal all-in-one destination would not be complete without the majestic French Alps with hundreds of kilometers of ski tracks and hiking trails, charming historical towns and hidden villages. Last but not least, the world's most appreciated wine accompanied by the world's best food, sampled in stunning vineyards of Burgundy or Boulogne is the icing on the cake.
Winter in the French Alps. By Huzhead Winter in the French Alps. By Huzhead


Peruvian girl. By dachalan Peruvian girl. By dachalan
Peru is an all-inclusive package. The stunning Andes, beautiful coast, outstanding historical sites, legendary Inca ruins, vibrant cities, colonial towns, excellent cuisine and lush rainforest make the country one of the most rewarding destinations on the globe.
If culture is your priority, Peru is the place to be. Nowhere else will you find such an array of fascinating sites from Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines, Cuzco- the ancient capital, Huancavelica, the colonial town filled with churches to folklore, religious and guinea pig festivals.
Andes. By mtchm Andes. By mtchm
If you come for beach life, Peruvian coast will not disappoint you, either. The absolutely fantastic stretch of white beaches, sunny weather, fantastic sea food restaurants, bargain accommodation and bustling night life of coastal resorts make Peru an excellent destination for beach addicts. And then there are the Andes. Superb hiking, trekking and other mountain possibilities plus jaw-dropping vistas, unconquered peaks raising at 6,000 m above the sea level, green valleys and azure lakes make Peru's highlands an ideal place for outdoor and adventure enthusiasts.

Surfing in Peru. By quiquemendizabal Surfing in Peru. By quiquemendizabal


Nishihama Beach. Okinawa. By ippei + janine Nishihama Beach. Okinawa. By ippei + janine
There's much more to Japan than busy fast and vibrant cities of Tokyo and Osaka. Japan is a place of thousand faces and images, from one of the world's oldest historical sites dotting the entire country to exotic islands, tropical jungle and splendid mountains.
Among the country's most amazing natural wonders is the Okinawa Islands, part of the Ryūkyū islands, an archipelago in the western Pacific Ocean, which is the birthplace of karate and other forms of Japanese material arts. This highly spiritual place of unique traditions is also one of the country's best vacation spots of turquoise crystal waters, golden beaches, coral reefs and exotic nature that could be compared to tropical islands of South East Asia and the Philippines.
Kyoto. By syvwich Kyoto. By syvwich
The historical heart of Japan, Kyoto, filled with hundreds of beautiful shrines, temples and gardens, is the tip of the iceberg of Japanese cultural treasures. One could spent months on discovering the rich and fascinating heritage of Japan's traditions, ancient sites, historical towns and villages such as Nara, Nikko or Takayama.
Given the fact that 80% of Japan's territory is covered by mountains, the country is a paradise for highlands' lovers. Be it skiing world's best slopes, or hiking unspoiled trails of Japanese ranges, Japan is a four seasons destination for outdoor addicts.
 Odaiba. By Sprengben Odaiba. By Sprengben


A view of Barcelona from the terrace of the Park Güell. By MorBCN A view of Barcelona from the terrace of the Park Güell. By MorBCN
Spain, hmmm...? Golden beaches? Yes! Historical sites? Yes! World's best nightlife? Yes! Spain is another European destination particularly blessed with splendid sites and attractions from fascinating ancient cities to outstanding coast and impressive highlands.
In the north, there are massive beautiful Pyrenees, dotted with extraordinary number of waterfalls, which are an excellent sports destination both winter and summer. Apparently, Spain is the second most mountainous country on the continent, so the number of excellent ski resorts and hiking trails may surpass your expectations.
By Jule Berlin By Jule Berlin
The mild climate of the Mediterranean coast is the main tourist magnet for holiday-makers and avid sunbathers. With such jewels as Barcelona, Valencia, Murcia, Grenada, Malaga and Cadiz, Spain is also the world's most interesting destination in terms of culture, history and art.
The Atlantic Ocean coast filled with never-ending white beaches and remote and unspoiled resorts is an option for those looking for less-travelled destinations.
Andalucía is a place to go, if you want to discover a "real" Spain of siesta, unbelievable hot summers, warm winters, flamenco, monumental architecture decorated with tiles, orange and olive groves, and world's best fish. Spain is and always will be one of the most rewarding destinations - so the fact that it is the second most visited country in the world after France is hardly a surprise.
Costa de la Luz. By wwwmanuelgracia Costa de la Luz. By wwwmanuelgracia


Darjeeling, West Bengal, India. By Daniel Peckham Darjeeling, West Bengal, India. By Daniel Peckham
7,500 km of coast, home to the world's highest mountains, melting pot of religions, languages and nationalities, India is the most multidimensional country on earth.
Among the country's most stunning destinations is West Bengal, home to Darjeeling hill station, famed for its tea plantations. Surrounded by lush hills and impressive Himalayas, the district is also filled with sites from churches to Hindu and Buddhist temples.
If you feel like a beach life for a moment, you should head for Goa, the tropical charming summer destination that has it all: azure waters, long sandy beaches, slender palm trees and laid-back atmosphere.
Inside the temple. By Claude Renault Inside the temple. By Claude Renault
The sacred city of Varanasi, ancient ruins of Hampi, mysterious Ajanta Caves, iconic Taj Mahal, are some of the most impressive historical sites on the globe, that must be seen at least once in a lifetime.
India, the country of scents and colors, home to 1.2 billion people, the state of extremes where poverty mixes with splendor of modern Mumbai's developments, is truly all-in-one destination that, without doubt, is one of the world's most fascinating places to travel to.
Hampi. By premasagar Hampi. By premasagar


 In Tulum. By Gret at Lorenz e una combattente In Tulum. By Gret at Lorenz e una combattente
If beach-style vacation is your type of thing, Mexico is the right place for you. If you enjoy the city life, you will find it here. Culture is also right at your fingertips in this state of long history, unique traditions and enormous heritage.
In terms of nature, Mexico, the world's 14th largest country, has everything the traveler's heart could possibly desire. From Acapulco's surfing and snorkeling spots on the Pacific coast, to Cancun, the popular beach destination on the Yucatan peninsula, the Mexican coastline is heaven for sun bathers and water sports enthusiasts.
Guanajuato. By conejoazul Guanajuato. By conejoazul
In Mexico City, you will find superb restaurants, excellent clubs, great museums and hundreds of other attractions. Guadalajara is home to Mexico's best known traditions: tequila, mariachi music and charros, while Monterrey will surprise you with first-class cultural offer from the Museum of Mexican History to the Monterrey Museum of Contemporary Art.
The country is also home to world's renowned ruins of the Aztec, Mayan, and the Olmec cultures and fantastic colonial towns and villages. The majestic pyramids of Teotihuacán, Merida's old town, ruins of La Ruta Puuc, or Chichén Itzá are only a few examples of hundreds of Mexican fascinating sites.
No wonder, tourism is such a large industry in Mexico. With over 20 million visitors per year, the country is the tenth most visited destination in the world.
Chichen Itza. By Mananetwork Chichen Itza. By Mananetwork

Splendid Beaches in California

With its incredible diversity and splendid coastline, California is regarded as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Every single spot along the coast has its own distinguishing attractions and flavor so selecting the best California beach for yourself is like choosing the perfect flavor of ice cream. With 1100 miles of shoreline beaches, California can certainly please all beach goers' tastes.

The Sonoma Coast State Beach

Sonoma Coast State Beach Sonoma Coast State Beach. By Troy Holden

The Sonoma Coast State Beach is one of the most magical beaches on the West Coast. It is ten miles away from the Bodega Bay and known for fantastically clean water. Furthermore, it catches the attention of around four hundred bird species. You can see osprey between January to September, gray whales between January to April and seal pups between the months of April and June.

Santa Cruz's beaches

Natural Bridges Natural Bridges. By the_tahoe_guy

The Santa Cruz beaches can be the best choice to enjoy a fabulous vacation since they are cited as one of the best beaches in California. You will enjoy a variety of fun experiences, one of which could be awesome train rides through the woods. Santa Cruz has around thirty miles of beaches. In fact, it is enough to make swimmers, kids, beach buffs, surfers, and sailboarders more than happy. If you're not into water fun then go for a long walk and enjoy your summer season.

Pismo Beach

Pismo North Pismo North. By Mimi Ditchie

Pismo Beach is yet another famous beach in California. It is in the heart of the wine country, so it's just a stone's throw from gorgeous Cambria, Santa Maria and Luis Obispo. Pismo has twenty three miles of beaches and is particularly popular among families. When you're done with surfing, swimming and fishing, there's plenty to do in town, including quads, dirt bikes, car shows, and splendid shopping.

Santa Barbara East Beach

East Beach Beach Wreck. By Damian Gadal

Santa Barbara East Beach is one of the loveliest beaches here. However, make sure that you check out the quality of water before going for a dive and stay away from the water during the rainy season. In that case, there are multiple places for dining, shopping and entertainment. Even a small zoo is nearby. Kids will have a great time here.

Malibu's beaches

Schlüsselbein2007 Malibu sunset. By Schlüsselbein2007

Malibu's legendary beaches are not to be missed. Featuring 21 miles of coastline, Malibu's got something for everyone, from all sorts of aquatic activities to great amusement, shopping and dining. Even the media is attracted towards this place, let alone hordes of celebrities who flock to Malibu for their glam vacation experience.

This is just a handful of best beaches in California. They are all among the trendiest vacation spots in the US and guarantee unforgettable memories. According to the recent statistics, 54% of the country's residents live along the 60 miles of beach line, and it's not without reason. Visit these fantastic "sand pits" and enjoy your vacations

African Tourism Cash Cows

lmost 50 million tourists a year venture into the wild African land to delight their eyes with the continent's spectacular vistas, from the wildlife of Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and azure waters of Mauritius, to legendary Cape Town in the Republic of South Africa. Africa has it all: untamed nature, magnificent sights and historic towns, and some of the African countries certainly know how to derive benefits from their natural jewels and hotchpotch of cultures.
According to UNWTO, Africa earned $30.6 billion from tourism in 2008. Here's which countries contributed to this staggering result most, which might come in handy if you desperately want to avoid crowds on your African vacations.

5. Tanzania.


Flying flamingos in the Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania. By Cris Pierry
Right in the heart of East Africa, Tanzania is home to a number of world's famed sites, including majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, Lake Victoria, and Lake Tanganyika. These record-breaking attractions lure millions of visitors who are willing to splash out to climb Africa's highest mountain or mingle with wildlife in Serengeti National Park. In 2008, 750,000 tourists left $1.35bn in the country, making Tanzania the fifth largest contributor to African tourism revenue. And the number of visitors is growing rapidly year by year.

4. Mauritius


Mauritius. By KhayaL
The crystal clear waters, enchanting lagoons, sandy beaches, slender palm trees and lavish exotic resorts of Mauritius attract around one million tourists annually to this speck of paradise on Earth. However, the island has a lot more to offer than its tropical coast. It brims with quaint historic towns, thick virgin forests, and national parks loaded with hidden waterfalls and volcanic lakes. Thanks to its irresistible charm, welcoming people, and superb tourist infrastructure, Mauritius is one of the most visited destinations in Africa, with the fourth largest tourist revenues on the continent (totaling to almost $ 1.5bn in 2008).

3. Tunisia


Spice World of Tunisia. By pietroizzo
The great potential of Tunisian tourism laid dormant for many years, but today this compact country in northern Africa knows how to make the most out of its beautiful location, intriguing culture and Mediterranean climate. Thanks to its year-round sunshine, the unparalleled beauty of the Sahara, and excellent tourist resorts catering for all tastes, Tunisia is, literally, invaded with tourists. More than seven million people spend their holidays in the country, making it the third most wanted African destination. In 2008 Tunisia earned almost $3bn from tourism, which accounts for 10% of Africa's total revenue derived from the tourist industry.

2. Morocco


Pension Cordoba. Morocco. By Ignacio Conejo
The runner-up on the African tourist market is Morocco. Around eight million people made it its travel destination in 2008, partaking in this stimulating blend of Middle Eastern and African cultures spiced up with European influences. Nowhere else will you find such a goodly mix of splendid architecture, vibrant cites (Marrakesh, Tangier and Casablanca to name just a few), ancient ruins, superb cuisine, and stunning mountains, all embraced by the wild coast of the Atlantic and the calm shores of the Mediterranean sea. Tourism earns Morocco $7.2bn a year, reflecting 23.6% share in Africa's total tourist revenue.

1. South Africa


Houtbay. Cape Town. South Africa. By mallix
The Republic of South Africa is a number one destination in the region. It is visited by almost one million tourists per month and the tourism industry generates revenue of between 1% and 3% of the country's GDP. In 2008, South Africa earned 7.6bn from tourism, which accounted for 24.9% share of the African total tourist revenue. With such an array of natural wonders and cosmopolitan cities, it comes as no surprise that South Africa is an ultra popular tourist destination. Whatever you come for, be it strolling around fertile vineyards, sampling premium quality wines, venturing into wild safaris, exploring hidden villages, trekking the majestic mountains or surfing the ocean swells, the country never fails to awe. The 2010 World Cup will certainly help South Africa keep its leading position as Africa's biggest tourism earner as the event is estimated to have brought a record revenue of EUR 4.5bn ($5.5bn).

Most Controversial Tourist Attractions

Some say it's about facing the truth, others call it tasteless tourism. A moral judgment of people's travel choices is never easy and perhaps shouldn't be attempted. However, there are some places on the world's tourist map that really give us mixed feelings and can hardly be called "attractions".

Dharavi Slum in Mumbai, India

Dharavi Slum in Mumbai Dharavi Slum in Mumbai. By marcusfornell
The idea to take the tour of Asia's largest slum may be quite hard to justify, but one thing is certain - it is a sobering visit. Oppressive odor, heart-breaking conditions and poverty that goes beyond imagination are a depressing reality for about 1 million people. Now that it's been popularized by the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire, Dharavi draws countless visitors willing to "get the real taste of distress". On the one hand, the revenues from the tours are said to go directly to the community, which is very honorable. On the other, there is something inherently strange about wanting to watch other people's suffering, isn't there?

North Korea

Mansudae Grand Monumen, Pyongyang Mansudae Grand Monumen, Pyongyang. By John Pavelka
Landscape wise, North Korea could be the world's prominent tourist magnet. Dramatic mountain scenery, pristine lagoons, waterfalls and amazing Buddhist temples are enough to tempt a visitor. But there seems to be a moral dilemma whether to sponsor a state that's infamous for its nuclear weapons program and inhumane practices. Even if you decide to go to look for the truth, at all times you will be accompanied by a government-appointed guide. In the end, all you get is false historical accounts and laudatory speeches instead of a real experience. Then why go at all?

Plastinarium in Guben, Germany

Die Pokerrunde exhibit Die Pokerrunde exhibit. By Pseudologia Phantastica
Plastination is a technique used in anatomy to preserve a body for study purposes, but it turns out that it can also be a good source of revenue. Dr Gunther von Hagen's museum has stirred as much controversy as it has received applause. What you can see here among other things are techniques of dissection presented interactively and real human bodies "involved" in all sorts of activities.
While nobody is denying the huge contribution Plastinarium makes to the training of medical students, was it really necessary to seat the exhibits at the poker table or on a bike? And why would anyone other than a doctor or a young adept of medicine want to see all this from up close? The truth is however that since the opening in 2006, Plastinarium has received over a 100 thousand visits.

Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam

The shooting range The shooting range. By archer10(Dennis)
A 75-mile-long tunnel system, bomb traps, scorpions, lethal spiders, unbearable humidity and lack of space - that's how Vietcong fighters hoped to ward off American soldiers. This underground fortress hidden beneath the jungles of South Vietnam was the site of several bloody campaigns during the Vietnam War.
Today, it is a prime example of how warfare can be turned into an attraction. The corridors have been widened for the comfort of tourists and a firing range set up for their entertainment. Visitors can pay $1 a bullet to shoot an AK-47 rifle used in the war as well as have a simple meal of food the guerrilla soldiers would have had. You don't have to look long for souvenir stalls either.

S-21, Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Prisoner mugshots Prisoner mugshots. By blake_lennon
The Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum is a dramatic reminder of a security prison set up in 1975 by the Khmer Rouge communist regime. The tortures inflicted on prisoners were so atrocious that, frankly, one may really wonder whether it's better to remember or forget. Skulls, rusting torture beds, shackles and countless mugshots of victims make the visit to the "Strychnine Hill" (Tuol Sleng) a shattering experience. The museum receives about 500 visitors every day.

Devil's Island, French Guiana

Prison cells Prison cells. By J K Johnson
Known as "the Green Hell" and described as one of the world's most notorious penal colonies, Devil's Island ranks high among French Guiana's tourist attractions. Run-down cells, the prison headquarters and an infant cemetery are all part of the agenda. But is the once disease-plagued island, where thousands of convicts died in horrid conditions, really an attractive place to visit?

London Dungeon, UK

Macabre exhibit Macabre exhibit. By Lord Adrian's Photostream
Laughing at death is one thing, but making fun of somebody's suffering is quite another. The Dungeons are undoubtedly one of London's premier attractions, basically created to give an account of macabre medieval history. However, it has evolved into a graphic spectacle of torture and a bloody bunch of rather tasteless exhibits. There is a sense that all those special effects, fun rides, and grim humor do not serve educational purposes but only provide entertainment. And that's scary.

Chernobyl, Ukraine

Radiated apartment building Radiated apartment building. By Stuck in Customs
The whole world has heard of the Chernobyl disaster. Today, 24 years after the accident at the nuclear power station, more and more people decide to witness its shattering consequences. Tours include sightseeing of Reactor 4, a visit to Pripyat (a ghost town full of deserted apartment buildings)... and measuring of radiation. And although the Zone of Alienation (the 30 km/19 mi area around the power plant) is considered relatively safe, the tours stir a lot of controversy for obvious reasons.

Best Budget City Escapes in Europe

For travelers on a budget, here comes a list of the most affordable cities in Europe. From the eastern borders of the continent to its western edges, Europe will not necessarily drain your pockets.

Check out these amazing European cities which will suit a shoestring budget and money conscious mind.

8. Lisbon

Lisbon. By McPig Lisbon. By McPig
Vibrant Lisbon, the capital of Portugal and the biggest cultural center in the country, is in fact a fairy tale colorful town sitting on steep hills, where modern touches of sophisticated restaurants and trendy night clubs mix with quaint atmosphere of cobblestone streets winding through the city, old trams, tiny espresso bars and rocking fado clubs. Lisbon is simply a legend. It is also reasonably cheap when compared to cities of similar qualities, such as Rome, Barcelona, Madrid or Athens.
Located on the Atlantic coast, the city is an excellent option for both the beach addicts and city dwellers. Truly, Lisbon is one of the most rewarding capitals in Europe, and one of the most affordable in the Western part of the continent. With delicious freshly ground thick cup of espresso costing €0.50, super tasty local beer for just €2, cheap public transport and affordable hostel prices, you could enjoy Lisbon even when on a shoestring budget.

7. Riga

Riga. By Desmond Kavanagh Riga. By Desmond Kavanagh
Riga, the capital of tiny Latvia, is the biggest and most vibrant city in the Baltic region. Often called, the "Paris of the East", Riga is a truly beautiful and fantastic city that combines medieval architecture, relaxed atmosphere and modern developments.
Fortunately, the prices are not Parisian and they would rather be closer to Berlin's and Lisbon's daily traveling costs. Many visitors expect the Latvian capital to be ultra cheap, though. In fact, it is more expensive than other Eastern European capitals as its currency, the Lat, is pegged to the Euro. Still, you can easily get by on €30 a day.

6. Berlin

 Berlin. By Aguno Berlin. By Aguno
It sounds a bit unreal that Berlin, the capital of Europe's financial centre, Germany, may be cheap but, honestly, the city is the most affordable metropolis in Western Europe, with prices being nowhere close to the costs of living and travelling in Paris, London or Moscow. You can eat, sleep, get around the town and party on a budget and the quality of all services is amazingly high for the price.
In many ways Berlin is so different from other German cities that tend to be well-organized, wealthy, neat and, as a result, dull. On the contrary, the German capital is everything but boring. Its clubbing, fashion, art and design scenes are worldwide known and acclaimed, and the city's laid-back atmosphere, ultra friendly locals and low cost of living will make you want to stay longer.

5. Prague

Prague. By aha42 Prague. By aha42
Despite Prague's enormous popularity, this fabulous charming capital of Czech Republic remains affordable. In terms of attractiveness the city is put in the same league as Paris or Vienna, but, thanks God, the prices are lower. The trick is to avoid the typical tourists traps where prices are lifted beyond reasonable grounds and venture the back streets of the city where locals dine, drink and party for much less.
As long as you stay out the Irish pubs, a pint of beer will cost you around €1.5, hostel accommodation is between €10 and €15, and you will also pay around €15 for a nice restaurant meal. In search of budget Prague, do not hesitate to spend a bit more and visit the city's fantastic restaurants, splendid castle and amazing historical centre filled with superb architectural jewels. It is also worth it.

4. Budapest

Budapest. By hettie gm Budapest's bath. By hettie gm
Another amazing and bargain destination in Europe is Budapest, the capital of Hungary. It is not as cheap as it used to be a couple of years ago, but you can still easily get by on between €30 and €40 a day without too much sacrifice. The city will amaze you with its baroque architecture, excellent museums, beautiful settings by the romantic Danube River, energetic nightlife, cheap food and wine of premium quality.
Budapest is the city to go now - the country, though entered the European Union structures in 2004, is still not in Euro zone so it is still much cheaper than their Euro-zone neighbours - Slovakia, Austria or Slovenia. Oh, yeah, and don't leave the city without trying a bath in one of the numerous thermal spa centers - not without reason the city is called the Spa Capital of the World.

3. Wroclaw

Wroclaw. By smif Wroclaw. By smif
Just a few hours away from Berlin, Wroclaw is another city destination where the package of good prices and great city ambience is guaranteed. While the capital of Poland, Warsaw, scares away tourists with high prices and Krakow is becoming overcrowded, Wroclaw enjoys both affordable costs of living and greets visitors with lots of fantastic verve, unforgettable vibe and undiscovered spots. Asking less than €2 for a pint, around €10 for a hostel and another €10 for a decent meal with a drink, Wroclaw is a splendid option for travelers who are short on money.

2. Vilnius

Vilnius. By aggrrh! Vilnius. By aggrrh!
Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is a cheaper version of Riga with a charm, magical ambience and vibe that could be addictive. The historical old town, declared Europe's largest baroque center by UNESCO, fairy-tale cobblestone streets, gorgeous people, and fantastic atmosphere make Vilnius one of the most interesting cities in the area.
No wonder the city was chosen the European Capital of Culture in 2009. To live up to this remarkable role, the city was renovated, many buildings and monuments were restored and the city's face became even prettier and more appealing. The prices are similar to those in Poland and the country also does not have Euro, so it's better to hurry up and head for Vilnius before it enters the Euro zone.

1. Lviv

Lviv. By Panoramas Lviv. By Panoramas
Another European best-kept city secret is Lviv. This charming city, located in the western part of Ukraine, is the cheapest option among the cities mention above, and truly a rewarding destination. As the country is not part of the European Union, the prices remain low and affordable even for the most budget-conscious visitor. A room in the hostels will cost you as little as €10 and local beer in a bar is around €1. Of course, Lviv is worth a visit not only because of its low prices. The city will amaze you with exceptional architecture (its centre being listed a Unesco World Heritage site), fabulous local markets and restaurants, bucolic surroundings and one of a kind atmosphere.

Surfing Europe

Surfing in Europe for those who have never tried it before is like discovering an old continent all over again. We all know Europe for it great culture, fascinating cities, historic monuments but when we think about catching the waves Hawaii or Australian Gold Coast cross our minds. But the true is that Europe can rival any other world’s surf destination. The enormous variety of breaks, endless kilometers of sandy beaches and great surf culture make Europe the paradise for wave lovers.

Here are the best countries you can surf in Europe:

Great Britain

Believe it or not but chilly and cloudy Britain is a home to great surf waves. You can surf on four coastlines of Scotland, Wales and England where the breaks can rival any of the world’s surf spots.  Starting from the top of the island the wild Caithness coastline is the place where you can find spots of great surf potential. And it is truly the place where you can escape the crowds.  Continue downwards you can reach the breaks of Wales or head for Devon or Cornwall where you can find the waves that suit all abilities.


Exposed coastline of green and hilly Ireland makes the island the perfect spot for wave-catchers.  Basically the entire west coast of the country receives regular swells.  The hospitality of the Irish and the beautiful landscape will make your surf trip a life-changing experience.  Surf the Donegal Bay , Easkey or clear waters of Dingle bay and don’t leave without trying Guiness. Remember that the water can be freaking cold and wet weather can last for days.
Achill Island, Ireland


It is a paradise for wave lovers. Countless beaches of Atlantic coast mixed with the spirited culture of Spain makes the country the place you cannot miss. Most of the coastline from Basque region to Galicia is open to the swells of the North Atlantic. In the south the stretches of Andalucía’s sandy beaches provide great surfing spots.  At last but not least you can head for the Canary Islands which are the tropics of Europe and a land of great surfing possibilities.
San Sebastian, Spain San Sebastian, Spain by envisionpublicidad


The Portuguese coastline offers a massive variety of breaks. The country is a combination of excellent reefs, powerful swells and great climate. The northwest coast is literally a one long strip of beach where the local surfers can enjoy waves every single day of the year. Heading down on the coastal road you can reach the region of Peniche and Ericeira composed of long sandy beaches.  And Algarve …place where you can escape winter in Europe.  It is full of sun and breathtaking surfing beaches surrounded by cliffs such as Arrifana or Cordama .
Praia da Cordama, Portugal Praia da Cordama, Portugal


France has it all – amazing wine, great food, beautiful people and above all the perfect beaches of eternal sunshine and unlimited surfing possibilities. Go there in autumn or spring when the swell is consistent. You can surf France from the top of its northwest coast to the crowded southern locations of Biarritz and Hossegor, near the Spanish border.

Over 50°C i.e. the hottest places on Earth

In search for the perfect holiday spot with endless summer, shining sun and hot weather, be cautious not to pick up the hottest place on Earth. The extremely high temperatures may turn your paradise into the hell. Literally.
Here is the list of the hottest (in terms of temperature) places on Earth.

Africa 57.8°C

Danakil depression in Ethiopia is considered to be the world’s hottest places. During the dry season the average temperature totals to 48°C (118 °F)!
Desert in Ethiopia. By Terri O'Sullivan
However, that is EL Azizia in Libya that hit the record-breaking result of 57.8°C (135.9 °F). Well, that was on 13 September 1922, but, I bet, there’s still someone alive who remembers that hot day.
Libya by Lontananze d'Azzurro

North America 56.7°C

Death Valley, California, U.S.A reached 56.7°C (134° F) on 10 July, 1913.
Death Valley by Michael Ransburg
Deatn Valley by Michael Ransburg

Asia 53.9°C

Israel reported 53.9°C (°F 129)  in Tirat Tzvi in 1944. It is still hot nowadays in the country where the temperature exceeds 40°C on average during the summer.
Israel by wheelo50411
Dried river bank, Israel. By frankdasilva

Australia 50.7°C

It can get really hot (and bad) in Australia when bushfires and droughts spread throughout the continent. 2008/2009 summer with its 47°C was close to the record of 1960 when Oodnadatta in South Australia reported 50.7°C (123.3°F).
Road in Oodnadatta by jwbenwell
Lake Hume, Australia. By suburbanbloke

Europe 50°C

Try to walk through the centre of Sevilla in Spain at noon in July and you will know what it means to live in the hottest place in Europe. It easily gets over 40°C during the summer in the town. That was on 4 August 1881, however, when Sevilla reported 50°C (122 °F) – the hottest day recorded in Europe.
Sevilla's street in shade by sjaces Sevilla's street in shade by sjaces